Friday, May 31, 2013

Social Politics

Matt Barber Of Liberty Counsel Compares Gay Adoption To Having Pets
WASHINGTON -- On their daily radio show Tuesday, conservative christian Liberty Counsel attorneys Matt Barber and Mathew D. Staver discussed efforts in several states and Congress to allow same-sex couples to adopt.
During the segment as the two discussed their opinions on same-sex adoptions, Barber compared gay adoption to having pets.
"Homosexuals who can't through the natural biological process have children, trying to acquire children.They're basically purchasing children," he said. "It's like having little pets or something, I guess. It's egocentric. It's selfish and it hurts children."
Barber also cited the now peer discredited research study by University of Texas at Austin sociology professor Mark Regnerus that seemed to indicate that the children of LGBT parents are more likely to get involved with self-destructive behaviors like using drugs and to suffer from depression than those raised by heterosexual parents, despite many studies that have indicated otherwise.


Desmond Rutherford said...

If as these two claim that kids follow the example of their parents, then we should perhaps conclude that their parents were ignorant, bigoted and intolerant homophobes.