Friday, May 31, 2013


Virginia's GOP nominee for Lt. Governor repeats his claims that "Homosexuality is wrong and unacceptable"
CHESAPEAKE, VA -- Virginia's GOP nominee for Lt. Governor appeared Thursday on rabidly anti-gay radio host Janet Mefferd's radio programme to defend his claims that gays and lesbians are “very sick people."
“Homosexuality is a sexual behavior and it is a behavior that the Bible says is wrong and unacceptable,” Jackson said. 
“To equate that with civil rights for black people or for women is so specious that it just amazes me that people buy into it, but they buy into it because it is emotionally appealing, it has no logic to it whatsoever.”
He also told Mefferd that gays need to “know the love of God in their lives” and that it would “betray God” to reassess his anti-gay remarks, which he said were made “without venom or hatred.” 
Jackson's selection earlier this month by state GOP delegates to be Ken Cuccinelli, the GOP nominee for governor's running mate has set off a firestorm of criticism from progressives and Democrats due to his controversial public pronouncements on LGBT issues, along with his allegations that Planned Parenthood was more lethal to blacks than the Ku Klux Klan.
Although Cuccinelli himself has thus far not weighed in, the current Governor, Republican Bob McDonnell on Tuesday stressed that Cuccinelli is not responsible for the controversial statements from Jackson.
He also called on the GOP slate to campaign with civility and to focus on “kitchen-table issues.”
“I’m supporting Ken Cuccinelli and the Republican ticket,” McDonnell said on WTOP radio, saying the ticket is key to continued improvements on jobs, economic development, transportation and pension reform.  
As for Jackson, McDonnell said: “He’s obviously passionate about the right to life. I’m pro-life. I believe that is the right position for Virginia.” 
“I think you need to express these things with civility,” McDonnell added. “You need to try to bring people together.”
However, in an interview with WHSV television in Harrisonburg Wednesday, State Senator Mark D. Obenshain, the Republican candidate for attorney general, distanced himself from controversial anti-gay remarks by Jackson.
When asked by Bob Corso, WHSV host, Obenshain shied away from responding to Corso's quotation of Jackson saying that homosexuals are “sick” and “perverted.” Instead, Obenshain said he wanted to talk about his ideas for the economy and job creation. When Corso asked again if he supported Jackson’s comments, Obenshaid said “Bob, I don’t agree with that statement.”