Monday, August 1, 2011

Brody's Notes... World Congress of Families: End Governor Brown's Nazi State

Larry Jacobs
via The Baltic Times
By Brody Levesque | ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- The head of the Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society's World Congress of Families, told a reporter for the American Family Association's OneNewsNow blogsite, that conservatives in California need to band together to repeal a "pro-homosexual law" recently signed by California's Governor Jerry Brown. The law, which takes effect in January of next year, ensures that California schools expose students to contributions of LGBTQ individuals to the state. (ie; arts, science, maths, and history, society & cultural.)
According to OneNewsNow, WCF's Larry Jacobs said:
"When people have [voted], and Governor Brown knows that he has an issue that would fail when put to a popular vote, of course, they just go around the people," Jacobs explains. "They essentially implement their will. And, of course, in a democracy, that's not the way things are supposed to work. It's certainly something that forces our children to be indoctrinated in a certain way. It's like a Nazi state or a communist type of way of dealing with an issue."
And he contends the bill has enforced the homosexual agenda on children in the state.
"What the homosexual movement has done with ... SB 48 [and] in general, in calling for equality, what they're calling for is special rights," the pro-family group spokesman notes. "We don't have special things in education to teach people to change history based on a particular Christian worldview or Muslim worldview, but they go beyond that."
Jacobs and other conservatives have banded together to form a petition group, StopSB48, whose stated mission on their website's homepage is "We stand for family, community, and responsibility and our mission is simple: To stop implementation of SB 48 through the referendum process." According to, the group is a coalition of pro-family organizations, parents, students, teachers and more.
The group claims that the newly enacted law is detrimental to California's students as it allegedly undermines their definition of a traditional family. The group also claims:
  • It forces children to study materials that tell them their families’ values are wrong.
  • It forces schools to use a social science curriculum that promotes the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lifestyles that undermine traditional family relationships.
  • It does not allow parents to protect their kids by opting out of classes that promote homosexuality.
Jacobs and his organisation, the World Congress of Families, defines homosexuality as as a deviation from sexual norms that "cannot truly satisfy the human spirit." WCF states that homosexuals are led into a lifestyle that is harmful and filled with obsession, remorse, alienation, and disease. Then in the same definition, WCF states: "Child molesters harm children and no valid legal, psychological or moral justification can be offered for the odious crime of pedophilia," thus directly implying that all gay persons are paedophiles.  


Trab said...

""What the homosexual movement has done with ... SB 48 [and] in general, in calling for equality, what they're calling for is special rights," the pro-family group spokesman notes."

A very short examination of that statement makes you realize that they are saying that they believe that "equality" is a "special right". Anyone, or any group, which maintains equality is wrong should be completely ignored, if not ridiculed out of existence.

Desmond Rutherford said...

Is Larry Jacobs, Cindy Jacobs' same orientation partner? They both seem to have had their intelligence neutered so that they appear to be as asinine as each other.
Perhaps that is what human rights equality means for them, the right to be intolerant of anything they don't understand. Isn't that special!