Monday, August 1, 2011

Brody's Notes... Anti-Gay Hate Group Loses Tax Exempt 501(c)3 Status

Bilerico Executive Editor Bil Browning
WASHINGTON D.C. -- From The Bilerico Project and Ex-Gay Watch: Peter LaBarbera's Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) had it's 501(c)3 status revoked in May of 2010:
The reason for this action is listed by the reporting organization Guidestar as a "failure to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for 3 consecutive years." These forms are required of legitimate non-profit organizations for review by the IRS and the public.
According to the IRS documentation on revocations (PDF), AFTAH can no longer be considered a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and there is no process for appeal. Donations made to them before 6/10/2011 are still deductible by donors, though any income after revocation may be taxed and require filing of a federal return. LaBarbera appears to have been aware of all this, as the donations section of the AFTAH website no longer claims tax-exempt status.
In 2009, 68% of AFTAH's donations went directly into LaBarbera's pocket as salary. 
In late 2010, AFTAH was designated an official "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its ongoing campaign of misinformation and fabrications targeting LGBTQ individuals.