Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brody's Notes... Washington State Legislature Votes To Recognize Out Of State Gay Marriages

By Mark Singer (Washington DC) The Washington State Senate today voted 28-19 to pass HB 1649 to recognize all legal partnerships (domestic partnerships, marriages, civil unions, etc) from other states. The bill sponsored by Representative Laurie Jinkins, (D-Tacoma), cleared the House with a 58-39 vote earlier this month after several hours of contentious debate.
The Seattle Times reports:
“This bill is about making sure that people who love one another - and that love and friendship respected and honored in another state or another country - when they come here they have the same opportunity,” Sen. Kevin Ranker, D- San Juan Island, said on the Senate floor.
Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, cautioned lawmakers against passing the bill because he argued it would subject the Legislature to laws that other state legislatures pass.
The measure now heads to Governor Chris Gregoire- (D) who has indicated she will sign the bill into law.