Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brody's Notes... Lincoln Nebraska Lawmakers Support Fairness For LGBTQ People

By Chris Dyer | LINCOLN, NE -- City Councilmen Carl Eskridge, officially introduced The Fairness Ordinance- an ordinance that would add sexual orientation, and gender identity to the protected classes of citizens- during a press conference before the Monday session, which is set to be voted on by Lincoln's City Council May 14th after a scheduled public hearing May 7th.
Attending the news conference were a group of 18 supporters who are either currently serving elected officials or former elected officials of the city of Lincoln and the Nebraska's State Legislature.
Speaking before the assembled crowd, State Senator Bill Avery (D-Lincoln-South) said;
"We believe a just society is a society that creates an environment of fairness and tolerance for all its citizens, not just some of its citizens."
Avery's Senate colleague, fellow Democratic State Senator Danielle Conrad, (D-Lincoln-North) explained that the term sexual orientation has been used in discussing anti-discrimination protection for gay, lesbian and bisexual people, but that "gender identity" is a newer term. "Birth-assigned gender is at odds with a transgendered person's own internal sense, she said. "(They) should not face discrimination when they take steps to become whole," Conrad said.
Former Lincoln Senator David Landis said the fairness ordinance would help the city of Lincoln, economically. Landis said "Dynamic cities have three things: technology, talent and tolerance. Those cities are magnets for creative people to come and live, The fairness amendment is consistent with the most leading-edge data on what is good for a city".
Lincoln's Mayor Chris Beutler, has also pledged to put the full weight of his office behind supporting the ordinance. Five of the cities seven council members have pledged their support for the ordinance and should it pass, the mayor has indicated he will sign it the day of the 14th, making it law by the end of May.