Monday, April 14, 2014

American anti-gay hate group leader arrested in Canada

Peter La Barbera being placed under arrest
STAFF REPORTS | REGINA, Saskatchewan (CBC) -- Peter LaBarbera an anti-gay activist and Bill Whatcott a Canadian anti-abortion activist were arrested Monday at the University of Regina for violating a no trespass instruction given by University Security officials. LaBarbera, the head of the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, a Southern Poverty Law Center listed anti-gay hate group American, and Whatcott were taken into custody by Regina Police officers after being instructed to leave the school's campus or risk being arrested.
LaBarbera and Whatcott were in Weyburn over the weekend to speak at a pro-life conference. They were at the school attempting to hand out anti-abortion and anti-gay pamphlets, flanked by large placards depicting aborted fetuses.
LaBarbera was briefly detained at the Regina airport last week, but was allowed into Saskatchewan to participate in an anti-abortion conference in Weyburn, Sask., on the weekend.