Thursday, March 13, 2014

’Homosexual Propaganda’ Bill fails to progress in Lithuanian parliament

STAFF REPORTS | VILNIUS -- A bill that would ban LGBT pride parades, public speeches on LGBT support, LGBT materials and audio-visual media to promote LGBT rights in this Baltic nation failed to pass parliament Thursday.
The measure mirrors Russia’s highly controversial "homosexual propaganda" law charging those who break the proposed law with a 2,500 lita fine. [$1008. USD] For the same acts committed repeatedly the fine increases three to six thousand litas. [$1,200 to $2,420.USD]
In an angry denouncement of those members of parliament opposed to the measure, Petras Grazulis the bill's author told the media after the vote;
"We propose to penalize the family values ​​enshrined in the Constitution. Conservatives, Christian Democrats family values ​​and the family appears to be void, they change their political and sexual orientation together."
Although the vote was 39 in favour to remove it from the parliament's calendar to 34 opposed with 20 voting to abstain, the measure failed to reach a required plurality to move forward under parliamentary procedures and rules.