Friday, December 6, 2013

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Waitress who claimed homophobia- Apparently didn't contribute donations to charity as promised
By Brody Levesque | BRIDGEWATER --  Dayna Morales, the New Jersey waitress who claimed she was stiffed on a tip for being gay, told multiple media outlets in the ensuing national publicity that hundreds of supporters had stopped by or sent money to her which she had vowed to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that supports veterans returning from overseas duty. 
A spokesperson for the Wounded Warrior project was unable to verify to LGBTQ Nation Friday that Morales had made any donations, after running a check by her name and then zip code for the area that the restaurant, the Gallop Asian Bistro, is located or the place that she had listed as her residence. But, the Wounded Warrior spokesperson also pointed out that any donations could have been made from a different ZIP code, or by a third-party.
After the initial publicity, a New Jersey couple, who asked to remain anonymous, contacted WNBC-TV claiming that Morales’ story was a scam. The couple produced their receipt that was printed at the same time, on the same date, for the same amount, except with an $18 tip. They also produced a copy of a credit card bill supporting their claim they were charged for the meal plus the tip, a total of $111.55.
A Gallop Asian Bistro manager and its owner insisted they had the original ticket for the $93.55 charge and then a few days later announced that, "Ms. Morales is currently not on our employee schedule while are still working to complete our investigation."
A manager for the restaurant told LGBTQ Nation Friday that Morales is currently suspended and off the schedule pending the final results of its investigation.  He declined to comment further or provide further details.
Last week it was reported Morales that has a reputation for lying, according to former colleagues and friends.
“She lies about everything,” said Karolee Larkin, a former classmate and co-worker.
According to her former co-workers, Morales, an ex-Marine reservist, also told people she was sent to Afghanistan and that everyone in her platoon died in an explosion except her.
Major Shawn Haney, a spokesman for the U.S. Marines, said in an email that Morales had served in the Marine Corps Reserve from July 13, 2009, to May 21, 2013 at the rank of Lance Corporal as an administrative specialist. She was assigned to the Marine Air Group 49, 4th Marine Air Wing out of Newburgh, New York, and deployed to Romania for three months in 2012.
“There is no indication of combat service in Iraq or Afghanistan,” he said.
A Pentagon source told LGBTQ Nation Friday that Morales had in fact been given an administrative General Discharge, for failure to show at required monthly reserve drills. 
Morales could not be reached for comment.