Monday, September 2, 2013


Australian Prime Minister Defends Same-Sex Marriage
Kevin Rudd via Facebook
By Desmond Rutherford | BRISBANE, Australia -- Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, appearing Monday on the ABC network national political programme, Questions & Answers, answered a question quoting the bible in a spirited defence of same-sex marriage. 
A question from local Evangelical pastor Matt Prater, who asked how the prime minister can support the union when the "the bible states marriage is between a man and a woman," sparked a spirited riposte from the prime minister;
"The Bible also says slavery is a natural condition - Saint Paul said in the New Testament, 'slaves be obedient to your masters',"  Rudd answered, to applause from the audience.
He continued adding,
"What is the fundamental condition of the New Testament? It is one of love. If we get obsessed of the definition through a form of sexuality, you are missing what the gospel is all about."
Rudd has pledged to take the first steps towards legalising same-sex marriage in Australia if he wins another term as Prime Minister.
He that his decision to back gay marriage was made after "years of reflection in good Christian conscience" and with the knowledge that people are born gay.