Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LGBTQ Advocay

LGBT legal group rolls out new website features legal info for LGBT youth
BOSTON -- A new website designed as an educational tool for LGBTQ and HIV-positive youth was launched last Wednesday by the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, (GLAD) legal group. GLAD, based in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves the entire New England area providing services that include litigation, advocacy, and educational work.
GLAD spokesperson Carisa Cunningham said the information on the website is not legal advice, but is meant to give youth and their supporters enough information about the laws in their states to advocate for themselves. Cunningham said that site would provide helpful information to young people in New England about their legal rights in school, sports, work and the juvenile justice system.
“Legal information can be complicated and intimidating no matter what your age,” said Vickie Henry, Senior Staff Attorney at GLAD, and director of GLAD’s Youth Initiative.
“Our goal is to make this information approachable and useable for both young people and the adults who can advocate with them.”
GLAD notes that the site designed to also assist parents, teachers, school administrators, as well as youth workers. 
The site's URL is www.glad.org/youth and Cunningham adds that youth and their supporters are invited to contact GLAD Answers, a legal information service, with further questions. GLAD Answers can be reached by phone (800-455-GLAD)