Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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New Mexico
Policy on high school transgender athletes changed 
ALBUQUERQUE -- In a decision announced last week, the New Mexico Activities Association, a non-profit organization that regulates high school sports and activities across the state has changed its policies regarding transgender athletes.
Previously, schools would have allowed an athlete to participate on the girls or boys sports teams based on a physical examination by a doctor. Now, based on a change made earlier this month NMAA will allow all students to participate in sports based on the gender listed on their birth certificate or amended birth certificate. 
“We think athletics and activities are good for all kids, and so we’re always going to go with it’s good for all kids … be it transgender male, be it transgender female,” Sally Marquez, NMAA's executive director told KRQE-TV Wednesday.
LGBTQ activists complain that the change in policy won’t be helpful to most high school transgender kids as in a majority of most cases, they are normally not ready to move through the transition process of physically changing gender.
Under the state's current regulations regarding amending a birth certificate, a student would need to have medical records or a letter from a doctor who performed the sexual reassignment surgery.
New Mexico so far has never had to confront the issue of a transgender high school student playing sports. 
According to KRQE, members of the NMAA are concerned that a physically developed male who wanted to play female sports would have an unfair advantage.