Friday, March 15, 2013

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Kansas Health Department Proposal Could Result In Persons With HIV Or AIDS Being Quarantined

TOPEKA, KS -- A LGBT Equality Group told the Kansas Public Health and Welfare Senate Committee Thursday that a proposal to change reporting and procedures with persons that have communicable diseases could result in the quarantine of people with AIDS or HIV.
Tom Witt, executive director of the Kansas Equality Coalition, testifying about proposed changes by Kansas Department of Health and Environment, (KDHE) told Senators;
"There is no reason why anybody with HIV or AIDS should be subject to quarantine," said Witt adding; "This is a civil rights issue,"
Paul Marx, an associate chief counsel with the KDHE, said there would be no medical reason to isolate or quarantine a person infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS. But he added;
"I can't say that would never happen, if the virus were to mutate." He added, however, "That is hugely speculative." 
The legislative measure in contention is House Bill 2183, which clarifies procedures on testing a patient for communicable diseases when a health care worker has been exposed to that patient's blood or bodily fluids. 
Witt told lawmakers he supported efforts to protect emergency personnel, but said one of the changes in the bill would remove a current provision that exempts those with HIV or AIDS from possible quarantine. KDHE officials said they want to remove that exemption because HIV and AIDS are infectious.
"KDHE is very sensitive to the concerns expressed by Mr. Witt. There is no intent, no desire to discriminate," Marx said.
The committee took no action on the bill.
Cincinnati St. Paddy's Day Parade Organisers Ban GLSEN
CINCINNATI, OH -- According to Ricardo Martinez, the Community Initiatives Manager for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, (GLSEN), the group has been banned from the Cincinnati, Ohio St. Patrick's Day parade because parade's organizers don't want a gay and lesbian group affiliated with the Catholic event.
"We learned earlier today [Friday] that organizers of a St. Patrick’s Day parade in the city have barred our GLSEN Greater Cincinnati chapter and its youth leaders from marching in tomorrow’s parade. The reason? We "have gay and lesbian in [our] name."
GLSEN is an anti-bullying organization that seeks to eliminate prejudices based on sexual orientation and/or gender affiliation in the nation's public schools and universities schools by spreading education and awareness of LGBTQ people and issues.
Openly gay Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach was informed that GLSEN could not participate in the parade on Saturday because of the holiday's Irish Catholic roots. The councilman along with his colleagues, Councilmembers Roxanne Qualls, Wendell Young, Yvette Simpson and Greg Landsman have all announced they will not participate because of the decision.
In an interview with Cincinnati alternative paper City Beat, Seelbach said;
"I was floored when I heard the news," Seelbach told CityBeat. "You know, the city helps fund this parade, and the city has made it very clear that we will not tolerate any kind of discrimination against gay people."
Josh Wagoner, GLSEN's Greater Cincinnati Co-chair, responded to the rejection in a statement, saying, 
"Everywhere we go, we encounter parents and youth who need our support. Our visible participation makes a difference. We are horrified by the message this sends to LGBT youth, who suffer constant bullying and discrimination, that they are not welcome in Cincinnati."
Money sent in by members of the GLSEN Greater Cincinnati chapter, who marched in the parade last year, was returned and the group's invitation was reneged. Ohio's WLWT reports GLSEN applied to participate in the parade before the deadline.


Trab said...

With our knowledge about HIV and AIDS now, there is no wildfire spreading of either, all over the place, with no way to stop it but quarantining the people with them. If they were infectious, like the cold, flu, TB, or a myriad of other diseases, there might be some logic to quarantine...with HIV there simply isn't. Since there is no logic to it, one is only left with the possibility of it being malicious.

Trab said...

The Catholics just dig themselves deeper into their own piles of excrement. A new Pope isn't going to change that, and certainly not this one.