Monday, February 18, 2013

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GOP Leadership Apologises For Laughing About Same-Sex Unions
JUNEAU, AL -- When Juneau-Empire political reporter Mark Miller asked about domestic partnerships or civil unions for the state's same-sex couples during a press briefing with GOP caucus members Friday, his question was met with drew scattered laughter. After the laughter dies out, House GOP Leader Lance Pruitt responded, "What's important about this caucus is that we've focused on the things that really allow people to have a great life...[civil unions weren't] part of something that came up in our discussion." He said there was not a discussion on "what happens inside your home."
After LGBTQ advocacy groups and others complained, alluding that the reaction presented itself as majority members laughing off or laughing at the idea of civil unions, Pruitt and House Speaker Mike Chenault called the reaction inappropriate in a statement released Monday.
Chenault said the laughter was in response to which legislator "had to field the difficult question, and did not go to the merits of the issue." 
Chenault said it is clear "from the totality of the response and circumstances the laughter was in reaction to which legislator had to field the difficult question, and did not go to the merits of the issue. Regardless, laughter was not appropriate and for that we sincerely apologise."
Pruitt said it was a serious question and issue, just not something the caucus had taken a position on.
The GOP-led caucus identified its guiding principles as affordable energy, building a strong economy, fiscal responsibility, education reform and workforce development and healthy communities.