Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Brody's Scribbles... Safety At Last

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By Bart Vogelzang | VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C., CANADA -- It took a year, but the advice of the NRA, back in 2012 shortly after the Newtown CT massacre, was taken to heart by the American people and governments, and armed guards were placed in all schools, to defend the hapless and helpless children. How was anyone to know that this would not help, but would actually create a challenge to other would-be assassins?
It only took another year after that latest firefight, killing a dozen innocents and 10 officers of the law, for everyone to recognize that the only protection from gunfire was to simply arm everyone. As soon as a gun could be pulled out, 20, or even more, would be aimed back at the gun swinging idiot who was daring enough to try anything. Who would think that someone might actually want to die in such a spectacular way? Who knew that someone would use sniper rifles to take out innocents and law enforcement officials alike, from afar? 
The compulsory wearing of body armor, from children to adults, was an obvious next step, along with making all windows in all buildings bullet proof, and replacing standard fiberglass insulation in walls with Kevlar webbing. Who would have suspected that someone might use armor piercing firepower followed by launching grenades at the Hospital For Sick Children?
The now current practice, much touted by the NRA as the ultimate protection for our kids, has been to build those underground bunkers for all our public places, but the recent firing of teargas into the air intakes has left everyone wondering what to do next. Gas masks for all are sure to be perfect protection. 
Damn, but America is a wonderful and great nation, protecting the children and the right to bear ‘arms’. So glad to see the children winning…long live the NRA.