Saturday, September 3, 2011

Today's Headlines From LGBTQNation

Alabama high school reverses decision, will allow student to wear pro-gay shirt

September 3 — In a follow-up to a story we reported earlier this week, an Alabama high school has reversed its decision and will allow a student to wear a t-shirt that expresses the message, “gay? fine by me.”Read more »

Barber’s pal Judith Reisman: gay men want ‘sex with as many boys as possible’

September 3 — Liberty University visiting law professor Judith Reisman, appearing on Liberty Counsel's "Faith & Freedom" radio program with notoriously anti-gay and sex-obsessed Matt Barber, claimed that anti-bullying efforts were part of a larger agenda to promote pedophilia.Read more »

California Senate approves ‘Seth’s Law,’ aimed at reducing anti-gay bullying

September 3 — The California state Senate late Thursday approved “Seth’s Law,” an anti-bullying measure aimed at giving public schools tools to prevent and address bullying through mandatory policies and systems to help discourage harassment and track incidents when they do occur.Read more »

Bullies with Bibles, preachers and screechers descend upon Charlotte Pride

September 3 — One of the most severe forms of bullying is the misuse of the Word of God -- with its intrinsic message of love -- to try to coerce anyone to [...]Read more »