Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Headlines From LGBTQNation

Federal judge hears arguments for, against releasing Prop 8 trial recordings

August 30 — A federal judge in San Francisco on Monday heard arguments on whether to release videotapes of last year’s historic trial on Proposition 8, in which then-U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Read more »

Unfair attack on Charlotte Pride does not go unanswered

August 30 — An area minister, Michael Brown, sought to interrupt last weekend's Charlotte Pride event with something he called “God Has A Better Way,” in which he and a large number of folks wearing red t-shirts infiltrate the pride event, try to preach to the folks there, and generally attempt to disrupt the festivities. Read more »

Family Research Council statement needs a little ‘editing’

August 30 — Last year when the Southern Poverty Law Center named several religious right groups as anti-gay hate groups, many of them united (with the Family Research Council – one of the groups named – leading the way) in a campaign with the semi- catchy title of Start Debating/Stop Hating... Read more 

Detroit radio personality launches LGBT-friendly daily deals website ‘Gaypon’

August 30 — A new daily deals website catering to the LGBT community launched on Tuesday, and offers subscribers with daily offers from local and regional businesses who are known to be gay-friendly. Read more »