Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's Headlines From LGBTQNation

Joy Behar Show highlights acceptance of LGBT people and Christianity

August 25 — CNN’s Don Lemon, guest hosting for the Joy Behar Show, followed up his inspiring conversation with a transgender panel by exploring Christianity’s view of being gay. His conversation featured Randy Roberts Potts, grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts, and Jay Bakker, a New York City-based pastor.Read more »

Survivor: MIT grad student Samuel Brinton remembers ‘ex-gay’ therapy

August 25 — On eve of a reparative therapy conference in New Hampshire, 23-year-old draws on painful experience to help others. Samuel Brinton is not afraid to say he’s gay. That is, not anymore. Read more »

Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook, could be the world’s most powerful gay executive

August 25 — The sudden resignation on Wednesday of Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs paves the way for the ascension of Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, who, upon being named Apple’s new CEO, was hailed by many in the LGBT community as possibly the world’s most powerful gay executive. Read more »

Boehner’s DOMA defense contains junk science, bad sources

August 24 — On Monday it was discovered that one of the experts, Professor Lisa Diamond, cited by Speaker of the House John Boehner’s legal team in their defense of DOMA complained that her work was being distorted. Read more »