Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's Headlines From LGBTQNation

U.S. government rips man away from AIDS-afflicted spouse

August 9 — After some legal wins in the cases of bi-national gay and lesbian couples, this devastating story comes out of San Francisco. [caption id="attachment_30911" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="Bradford Wells and Anthony John [...] Read more »

Petition launched to get Congress to call out false anti-gay testimony

August 9 — While there is a need for levity and a desire for all sides of issues involving the gay community to be heard, the constant calling upon of these “morality groups” for Congressional testimony in spite of their irregularities mentioned does present a problem in terms resolving the issues of the gay community in a fair manner. Read more »

Bachmanns attend church service denouncing gays as ‘immoral and unnatural’

August 8 — Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, who recently sidestepped reporter’s question about her views on gay marriage — calling it a “frivolous” matter — sure does love herself a good ole, Bible thumping, anti-gay sermon. Read more »