Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brody's Scribbles... Loving Us All to Death

By Desmond Rutherford | ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA -- I've said it before and I will point it out again,
History indicates that, no country who tolerated or accepted homosexuality, didn't eventually pass some kind of anti-homosexual law.
In the current world situation of rising reactionary religious bigotry, there is a not only open ignorance about same gender relationships, but also a covert movement of fear and hatred disguised as "loving Christianity" which will "love" us all to death if given the opportunity.
We provide them with that opportunity if we do nothing.
So what can we do? Well, apart from allowing the situation to open your eyes to the truth of rejecting superstitious nonsense about gods and monstrous promises of an afterlife if you just stop masturbating, or avoid having orgasms outside of a heterosexual married relationship, you can seek those denominations who unconditionally accept and support LGBTQ rights.
Choice or rejection of a religion is a personal matter for the individual, but choosing to believe in a religion which presents its God as condemning who you are, is as insane as voting for the political parties which will legislate to arrest you and put you in jail, or worse.
There is no inherent evil in physically expressing your love for any other human being in a consenting adult relationship, and anyone who tells you otherwise must be confronted and reminded that their beliefs, their god's rights do not supersede your human rights. Do not take no for an answer. Do not allow them to berate or belittle your right to be yourself. Do not let them tempt you to bash yourself. They are the bullies, they deny human rights, not us.
These human rights are also LGBTQ rights, and if in proclaiming them, protecting them, we find ourselves being ridiculed and rejected, then hopefully you can see we have lost nothing, but we will have gained our self esteem to be who we are, and defend our right to be free to love each other.
Violence will be used against us, hatred will be returned to us, and doing nothing will gain us nothing.
Being out and proud may be difficult, may lose you friends and family, but standing up for LGBTQ freedoms and human rights will show the world that enough is enough. This time we will not be castigated, or have our freedom castrated on the altar of religious hypocrisy for some superstitious, insane, inhuman sacrificial blood-letting just to appease the misguided beliefs of others.
Form, or join a resistance group in your area, make a website and post links to activist articles on the Net, write to your political representatives, let them know what is happening. Openly celebrate your right to sexual expression. Get organised and work to maintain the freedoms we have won, and will yet, win.
Be safe in what you do, but do not do nothing. Human sanity is at stake.
And do not do it as the religious extremists do, as prayer for death; do it for the right to love life.
David Barton On NY GOP 'Traitors:' Hang The Bloody Scalps Of Those Traitorous Men Over The Senate Rail.
"I want to see pro-family guys scared straight that are squishy on this issue, and if we can’t take out these four Republicans and the Majority Leader in New York, we will have opened a huge door for Melhman and his kind to come in and start rewarding these guys for going against pro-family stuff, and you just can’t let that happen.No disrespect to our Native American friends, but this is where you hang a bloody scalp over the gallery rail. You hang these four Republican scalps over the Senate rail and every other Republican senator looks up and sees those scalps and says, ‘my gosh, I’ll be hanging up there beside them if I don’t stay with this pro-family stuff.’ And that’s exactly what has to happen." - Conservative History Revisionist & Anti-Gay Biblical apologist David Barton, on NOM's plan to unseat pro-marriage New York state senators.