Saturday, August 13, 2011

Brody's Journal... Patrick Schwarzenegger's Billboard Above Sunset Boulevard

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- The Huffington Post reports that 17 year-old Patrick Schwarzenegger, the eldest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, has filled his summer break from high school- in between his junior and senior years- with a summer internship with the management company that runs The Grove- one of LA's trendy malls.
Young Patrick has also been visiting and preparing applications for several colleges after he graduates next spring. (It's rumored that Stanford and USC are among his top choices.) Of course Patrick's also dealt with some publicly high profile family drama along the way as well.
But, squeezed in to his hectic schedule he found the time to pose for this rather blatantly sensual advert/photograph for Hudson Jeans that now graces a spot above busy Sunset Blvd.
Photos by Lucy Blodgett via The Huffington Post

The New York Post points out that the billboard location, on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, might leave Patrick's Dad "red-faced" -- it sits right above the Happy Endings bar and restaurant.

Schwarzenegger is signed with the model agency L.A. Models and is working to "get comfortable in front of the camera," according to the LA Times.