Friday, May 27, 2011

Brody's Notes... New York City Mayor Bloomberg On Same-Sex Marriage

By Brody Levesque | WASHINGTON DC -- New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered the keynote speech yesterday, during the dedication of a new academic centre building  at New York's famed Cooper Union, in which the Mayor endorsed legalising same-sex marriage in the Empire State by noting that demarcation between religion and morality is the essential founding concept of church and state separation. Mayor Bloomberg also held forth that marriage in the United States is a civil right, not a religious one as it is the state that issues marriage licences as opposed to non-secular entities.
Countering the Mayor's address in an e-mail to New York columnist & blogger Joe Jervis, Gay City News reporter Andy Humm said:
"Bloomberg's speech today amounted to hollow words. He is the sole reason that Republicans are in the majority in the NYS Senate as he has propped them up literally with MILLIONS of dollars in just the last several years. And he has repeatedly said that he will NOT stop donating to Senators who oppose marriage equality--who also happen to be the ones who oppose GENDA, the AIDS bills we need, and virtually everything else of a progressive nature. Let Bloomberg put his money where his mouth is: Stop funding bigots. It is sickening to watch the gay establishment and average gay people fawn over him like some kind of hero when he is in fact the main reason we don't have marriage equality in New York."