Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brody's Notes & Scribbles Celebrates Two Years This Sunday

Thanks to all of our phenomenal readers, our absolutely fantastic contributors, and a special nod to Mark, Anton, Nikita, and Des who keep this website running smoothly daily, weekly, monthly, and as Tim Trent would put it: "Especially when Brody's lost the plot." 
I especially need to also acknowledge and gratefully thank Darryl Morris, the Executive Editor of LGBTQNation, who syndicates our hard work & efforts. Much of our success is due to his sharp editing skills and willingness to syndicate our work.
Then, I humbly thank and acknowledge the brilliant work of columnists Rob Donaldson, Kathy Baldock, Greg Smith, Eric Ethington, Tim Trent, Brian Winfield, Joe Couture, & Ethan August.  BN&S is a group effort and wouldn't be as successful without their help.
My thanks also to Bil Browning and Linsey Pecikonis for their invaluable advice and friendship.
For our readers- wow, just wow. Thanks so much for believing in us and your ongoing loyal patronage.


Trab said...

Unless I misread, there was no 'thanks' to Brody. Of course he would be unassuming and polite and not thank himself, so let me take this opportunity to thank Brody on behalf of all the readers here. Thank-you, Brody. Your BN&S is great.