Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brody's Notes... Republican Gay PAC Applauds Senate GOP Blocking All Bills Until Tax Cuts Are Extended

By Brody Levesque (Washington DC) DEC 1 | In a statement released Wednesday, the conservative Republican PAC GoProud's exective director, Jimmy LaSalvia said:
“Senate Republicans are absolutely right. It is time that Democrats in the Senate stop playing political games with our economy. If Democrats are truly interested in getting to other important lame-duck issues, like the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, then they should act immediately to prevent jobs-killing tax increases. The American people are watching, now is the time for Democrats to decide what they want more – tax increases or repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The choice is theirs.”
This follows release of a letter signed by all 42 members of the GOP caucus to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), this morning in which Republicans wrote that, 
"With little time left in this Congressional session, legislative scheduling should be focused on these critical priorities.”
“While there are other items that might ultimately be worthy of the Senate's attention, we cannot agree to prioritize any matters above the critical issues of funding the government and preventing a job-killing tax hike.” 
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had announced this morning that GOP Senators will block any legislation from coming to the Senate floor until two key economic issues are addressed: funding the government (the “continuing resolution” which must pass to prevent a government shutdown) and the extension of the Bush-era tax cuts.
McConnell said that members of his caucus are united in the pledge to use procedural votes to prevent any other non-economic issues -- including the new START treaty, the DREAM Act, or the defense authorization bill that contains a potential repeal of the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy – from coming to the floor for debate.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell addresses press corps with Senate GOP leadership
"Republicans have pleaded with Democrats to put aside their wish-list - to focus on the things Americans want us to focus on," McConnell said on the Senate floor. "They've ignored us. The voters repudiated their agenda at the polls. They've ignored them."
Senator Reid speaking on the Senate floor labeled McConnell's tactic as "very cynical, but very obvious and very transparent," adding,
"With this letter, they have simply put in writing a political strategy Republicans have pursued this entire Congress," he said. "Namely: obstruct, delay; obstruct delay."
Responding directly to the GoProud statement, Linsey Pecikonis, spokesperson for National Stonewall Democrats said in an e-mail:
"Time and again GOProud continues to undermine the work that LGBT organizations are trying to accomplish, regardless party affiliation. Instead of uniting our community around a cause that crosses party lines, like Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal, they continue to go after our collective community to gain GOP political capital. Enough with the games. Tell those service members who were discharged under the discriminatory policy that DADT isn't about jobs and careers - and I'm sure they'll disagree.
Where were the Republicans on the Unemployment Benefits extension or voting for the Fair Pay Act? If the Republicans truly cared about the national economy they would support economic prosperity for all Americans- not just the wealthiest 2 percent. President Obama and the Democratic party have their eye on the national debt and repealing the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans will hugely affect how much debt we pass on to future generations.
Congress has much to accomplish in this lame duck session, but if the Republicans continue with this political volleying to obstruct DADT repeal it proves they are out of touch with our Military and out of touch with the majority of Americans who believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in the military. "
Michael Mitchell, Executive Director of the National Stonewall Democrats released this statement today after learning of the letter Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid received from the GOP senators:
"Today, all 42 GOP senators showed their true colors when they signed a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stating they would obstruct all Senate business until they get their way on tax cuts for the wealthy. What about the tax cuts that the Obama Administration quietly implemented this last year that put money in the pockets of practically every American? Clearly, the GOP could care less about the little guy and cares much more about the big guy. Case in point: millions of Americans without work face a tough winter ahead. Many will lose their unemployment benefits unless an emergency extension is enacted – money that will be put right back into the economy for food, heat and paying the rent. Where are the Republicans when those struggling to pay their bills and keep their homes asked for help?
Time and again, President Obama has stretched out his hand in bipartisanship and time and again it gets slapped away for political points. Stomping your feet and tossing your curls isn’t leadership. The American people deserve much, much better and we demand more than the empty promises of failed trickle-down economic theories.
The GOP is trying to deflect attention away from the fact that the refuse to budge on what a large majority of Americans, and a commensurate number of the military, want: a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And they’re brazenly using lesbian and gay soldiers as ransom. Their behavior would be shocking if it wasn’t part of their normal playbook. Again, the American people deserve much, much better. Unfortunately, we’re not going to get it from the Republicans.”


Tim Trent said...

Tax cuts for the wealthy make so much good sense, too. After all, without another few billion dollars in the bank, where would the rich Americans be?

It makes so much sense to prevent unwaged folk form getting unemployment payments just so the fat cats who caused the economic crisis globally an get richer.

So, please will someone tell me why these shit-for-brains folk think real people won't notice what they are up to?

Why isn't Barry shouting loudly about this stuff? Where are his balls? Isn't he the president or something? or is that McCain now?

When the USA crumbles we all crumble. Doesn't the USA have the right to bear arms to overthrow bad government lawfully?