Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brody's Notes... “GOP Obstructionists Are Running Down The Clock On DADT Repeal”

By Linsey Pecikonis (Washington DC) DEC 8 | Michael Mitchell, Executive Director of the National Stonewall Democrats, released this statement on the pending vote for the National Defense Authorization Act which includes language to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell:
“We’re in the last moments of the 111th Congress and the repeal of Don’t ask, Don’t Tell, the only Federal law mandating that openly lesbian or gay Americans be fired from their jobs, has only one obstacle remaining - an obstructionist Republican Party,” Mitchell stated.
“Congressional Republicans need to remember that a large majority of Americans support repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, as does a large majority of active military men and women. A thorough 10-month study by the Pentagon definitively proved that repealing DADT is in the best interest of the military and America. Yet, Republican Senators who say they support repeal are still leaving open the possibility of blocking the measure on procedural grounds, even though Majority Leader Harry Reid has offered Republicans twice the amount of amendments and time than the Democrats. The GOP is running down the clock, even as negotiations in good faith are taking place.
Majority Leader Harry Reid is working under very difficult circumstances and a ticking clock to get the National Defense Authorization Act passed with DADT repeal intact. Democratic Senators are lined up, ready to vote for the NDAA and DADT repeal and, with few exceptions, Republicans have lined up to block the bill by whatever means necessary.
We remain hopeful for passage of the NDAA with DADT repeal included. We believe that a Democrat-led Senate is up to the task of repeal and getting our troops and veterans funded. Republicans must get out of the way of history and join the Democrats in ending the discriminatory and harmful DADT. Blocking repeal on procedural moves is simple cowardice and wholly disrespectful to the military and our gay and lesbian troops who are forced to lie in order to serve.”