Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... UN Votes To Allow LGBT People To Be Killed!

By Tim Trent (Dartmouth, England) NOV 21 | In a recent meeting of some damnable committee, the United Nations has voted 79 votes to 70 to downgrade protection for LGBT people from execution, murder, and lynching in direct contravention of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.
Two tinpot nations, Morocco and Mali introduced the amendment to remove that explicit protection and fundamentalist nations who love to impose their will on their people voted for the amendment. Interesting how the Arabs and the Africans just love killing people for being queer.
I never realised that the UN was intended to let people kill people. Those unspeakable little shits in Uganda who are bringing in legislation to execute gay people must be laughing now. So must the fundamentalist christians in the USA who created much of the African hatred there.
But that is just whining. We need to do something.
I have no idea how to go about getting a UN vote reversed, I suspect that we must petition individual nations. Fat lot of good petitioning Saudi Arabia or Iran, though. So I looked for organisations who know how to do this.
Avaaz knows how to do it. It takes a little time to get Avaaz on board because they don't do knee jerk campaigning. Avaaz works by assessing the need for a campaign and the support for a campaign. Then it researches how best to campaign and then launches it globally.
It isn't going to do that without being asked. So I asked. And I'd like you to ask, too. I clicked the Contact Us link and sent them this:
Please read up on the UN resolution which now allows the execution of LGBT folk. A good place to start is which describes political expediency and the pandering to less civilised nations
Something is very wrong with a world which removes a protection from a very vulnerable segment of society.
Petitioning the UN itself is not for amateurs like me. I have no idea how to go about seeking the reinstatement of protection. But Avaaz does know how. Please formulate a campaign to reach the correct people globally.
Avaaz needs facts to work on, not our genuine righteous indignation. So please, read up on the UN vote, and then ask Avaaz to set up a campaign against it.
Alone we create a ripple on a pond. Together we are a tsunami.


Anonymous said...

Theres a fairly large facebook group called "support deriminalization of homosexuality at the UN!" which might be worthwhile informing and recruiting?