Monday, November 8, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... A Delusion Of Freedom

By Desmond Rutherford (Adelaide, Australia) NOV 9 | Too little consideration is being given to what the conservatives and their right wing band of zealots will do next, to the Land of the Free.
At the election of President Obama, the world believed that if he achieved nothing more, just getting the American people to vote for an eloquent, intelligent black man, then he had been able to show that the American people would respond to intelligent and humane political policies.
By voting at the midterm elections for the Republicans, or not voting at all, the voters have revoked that assessment, because the conservatives convinced them that corporate gains and profits would feed jobs even if it was at the expense of the people’s well being, which of course they denied.
Since the election of President Obama, conservatives have refused to acknowledge the mandate he was given. Legislation that was to fulfil some of the Democrat and presidential policies have been weakened to the point of being almost opposite in their effect. In analysis it might seem that behind closed doors the conservative forces have welcomed the President’s penchant for bipartisanship for legislation, not as a consensus, but as an opportunity to misrepresent strength as weakness. 
The voters in the recent midterm elections have reacted against the Democrat’s slowness to achieve what they want, what they believe was promised, and what they believed would be achieved, and so they voted for the Republicans, the party that stood clearly against those issues. I won’t comment on the irrationality of this voting pattern here, as it is being examined by many others. 
I am much more interested in what should be seen as the clear and present danger of assuming that because the Republicans won the midterm elections, that they will now just sit and wait for Obama to be replaced at the next Presidential election in 2012. They won’t. Will somebody please tell the President, that they won’t wait?
The conservative forces won’t sit idly on their laurels. They will actively seek to oppose consensus, ignore any attempts at bipartisanship by the Administration or the Democrats, and in addition seek to destabilise the Executive branch through, gossip, filibuster, and wherever possible, impeachment of any or all of the administration.
Will somebody please tell the President?
The forces on the right have, since the announcement of the President’s election, been not only intent on denying him the ability to pursue his policies, but moreover working extremely hard to make sure that never again will a person from a minority ethnic group ever take up a position of high office in the US government, or at least not until they have made sure that he or she will tow the conservative party line. 
Will somebody please tell the American people?
Many people seem to have been persuaded to assist the realisation of conservative policies by not supporting their own policies, thereby aiding and abetting those with whom they disagree. Bizarre!
That this has been and is being manipulated by the conservatives and their corporate and media allies, amounts to nothing more than a political assassination of the will of the American people and their Constitution. 
After all, if you can’t assassinate the man, assassinate the minds of those who put him into office, and then replace the constitution, the rules, with your own. 
Such then, is a bloodless, blameless and thoroughly effective coup, reminiscent of historical cabals which somehow always degenerate into a tyrannical insane asylum, or an equally mad theocracy. Either way, we the people become the slaves, the oppressed, the bullied with, at best, only a delusion of freedom.