Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... Cindy McCain- Vacuous Bimbo, Liar, or Husband Pecked?

By Tim Trent (Dartmouth, England) NOV 14 | I cannot believe my eyes. It seems like only seconds after Cindy McCain came out publicly against Don't Ask Don't Tell she changed her stance to supporting it. But she still endorses the NOH8 campaign, and the It Gets Better Project? Neither of those have told her to go to hell.
Cindy McCain Bitch Slaps U.S. LGBT Community
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The thing is, either she was lying when she supported repeal of DADT, or she was not. But, if she was not lying then isn't she doing so now?
Now I'm not sure, just at present, whether I am simply sad at Cindy's lies, or whether I am sad at the lack of speedy distancing of themselves from the woman by IGBP and NOH8. But, as time passes my anger at Cindy McCain is turning to fury at the two pro LGBT organisations that seem to be sticking by her. Seriously, guys, the message she has just sent to all U.S. LGBT youth is a bitch slap. Get her OFF your campaigns now! And make a huge public fuss about her.
Should I note that today is a Sunday and give them until business hours on Monday to get rid of her?
Or should I wonder, like so many of the LGBT community worldwide are wondering, why they haven't trashed her at once?
See, her face is still on the NOH8 site. And she is still featured on the It Gets Better Project's blog. Just why is that?
She sure doesn't understand equality. She had so many people's admiration for having a mind of her own, so many people's admiration. Now she just looks like a character from Desperate Housewives.
No wonder US gay teens feel there is no hope of happiness in the future...