Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brody's Notes... Polish Activist Urges: Out Of Facebook & Into Streets November 20th

Warsaw based prominent Polish Gay Rights activist Wojciech Szot is Director of the 'Love Does Not Exclude' campaign for same-sex marriage recognition in Poland.
Wojciech Szot   Photo By Radoslaw Cetra
By Wojciech Szot (Warsaw, Poland) NOV 18 | On Saturday, November 20th, at 13:00 there will be a demonstration in front of the Main Gate to the city of  Warsaw by the 'Love Does Not Exclude' campaign to send a strong message to lawmakers in Parliament that Poland needs a same-sex marriage law to protect the rights of LGBTQ persons. The campaign and demonstration is dedicated in remembrance of the Trans Day of Remembrance for Victims of Violence.
Poland is currently the largest country in the European Union, in which the partners of same sex relationships are almost entirely invisible to the law. The Polish government did not provide them with any legal protection nor does it seem to be governed by the situation which takes into account their existence.  
The campaign strives to remind all people: "Only together can we help change this situation." This Saturday's demonstration organisers are also honouring the Day of Remembrance in memorial to the countless transgendered victims of violence. In the world since the last Remembrance Day almost 160 transgender people have lost their lives. Among them, 16-month Roy Jones Antonio beaten to death by his mother's partner, who "wanted it behaved more like a boy than a girl."Loves Does Not Exclude asks people everywhere to celebrate the Day of Remembrance of transgender people throughout the world machine with marches and rallies with candles and debates on hate crime. 
LDNE is also working with the Foundation Trans-Fusion, and before the Parliament jointly reminding lawmakers that violence against LGBT people is a problem we have to fight, including through specific legislative solutions. So we are fighting not only the law on partnerships, but also to extend the protection of Polish law Articles 256 and 257 of the Penal Code for such reasons as sexual orientation and gender identity.
LDNE is using the new theme of "Out of Facebook and into streets!"  This to replace the old slogan of "Out of the bars and into the streets," and asks: Join us November 20!