Friday, November 19, 2010

Brody's Notes... Australian Poll Asks: Are Gays Sinful & Should They Be Allowed To Adopt Kids

By Desmond Rutherford (Adelaide, South Australia) NOV 20 | The results of a recently released poll conducted from January of 2008 until June of this year by Roy Morgan Research, Australia’s best known and oldest market research and public opinion survey company, has revealed the areas of Australia where huge numbers of people think homosexuality is sinful.
The research company also surveyed Australians about whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt children – showing that the margin of acceptance was much lower.
The study surveyed residents of rural, small towns and cities and then sampled Australia's major urban areas.
According to the study's findings, the area that had the lowest opinion of the morality of LGBTQ people was in Capricornia. An area of central Queensland which includes the city of Rockhampton, which has a population of some 75,000 people. Nearly half of those surveyed, (44.7%) believe gays are immoral, the study suggests.
Tasmania – which in previous studies was shown to be notorious for virulent homophobia – now seems no longer Australia’s most anti-gay state. The island’s main electorate of Denison actually showed results that only 20.2% of respondents feel that gays are immoral.
When the survey's results shifted to the cities, the most anti-gay major city is Perth – where 31.8% of those surveyed found gays immoral.
Australia’s largest urban areas had the lowest homophobe score. 13.6% of Brisbane’s respondents said homosexuality was immoral, 10.7% of Melbourne’s, and down to 9.0% in Sydney – making it the nation’s gay-friendliest urban centre.
On the question of adoption, those surveyed on average were less than 40% in favour of allowing gay couples to adopt children nationally across Australia.