Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... Tea Party President- Fired!

D Gregory Smith is a gay, HIV+ native Montanan, Butte/Seattle resident, a Rome-educated former priest who is now a mental health therapist, teacher, health educator, home care-giver, firm and gentle activist, poet, spiritual adventurer. Smith is a frequent contributor to The Bilerico Project as well as writing for his blogsite here: [ Link ]
This is an update to: 

Montana Tea Party Hosts “Hanging Of Fruits”?

By D. Gregory Smith (Butte, Montana) SEPT 7 | I wonder how he likes getting a pink slip? Start anymore queer slurs for ya, Tim?
There have been so many articles posted, it seems like all we need is another one, but, Medialite does a great job of putting it all together: Well done, Colby Hall!

Oh and then there's this from The Huffington Post: [Link]