Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... And So It Ends- Senate Vote Is 56 To 43

Anthony Woods of Arlington, VA   Photo By Harry Hamburg The Associated Press
By Brody Levesque (Washington DC) SEPT 21 | I really do not have much to add to the already raging debate around DC this afternoon and across the United States as the news of the Senate Vote on the 2011 Defence Authorisation Bill becomes known.
Am I disappointed? Yes, yet I am not shocked by what happened as there was plenty of warning from the Senate Minority Republican leadership and in fact from Senator McCain himself that this was going to be the probable outcome.
No matter the spirited debates, indeed, no matter the strongly made advocacy expressed by lumianries such as Lady Gaga or ordinary American folk right down to those most directly effected such as Dan Choi and his former military peer group discharged under DADT. This fact still remains- that the one voice that could have made a tremendous difference was silent, and that was Barack Obama's.
The pundits are filling the airways and the haters are dancing in the streets while the folk most directly affected continue to have to live their lives in fear and suffer all because of an outmoded concept whose time to disappear from the landscape of politics has definitely arrived.
What is that? Religious interference in people's personal lives and in the affairs of government.
The so-called Christians talk about love, compassion, and morals.... yeah, morals.
As far as I am concerned they have none. They are by far too busy worrying about other folk's business than tending to their own and they most certainly are imposing their moral values on a subject that most intelligent people have come to realise is simply a variant of the human condition and sexual spectrum.
It is at this moment I am very proud to say I am Canadian... the United States has just once again, proven that a small minded group of bigots can wield influence that damages their fellow citizens and destroys lives. The United States is as far from honouring its founding father's visions of truth, liberty, and justice, as its ever been and sadly looks to remain that way especially if the so-called Christian Family Values types have their way.
I am glad that I am NOT an American. Here's a quote from Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) that best sums up today's outcome in the United States Senate:
"Today a Republican filibuster blocked funding for our troops and blocked efforts supported by our military brass to end outdated policies that force service members into the shadows or reject them entirely from serving their country. Gay and lesbian Americans are forced to lie about who they are...That's wrong."
From MSNBC earlier today during the vote:


Trab said...

I'm torn as to whether or not our general politeness and decency in both Canada and the USA plays against us when it comes to being screwed over. If this happened in France, and indeed many other countries in the world, there would be a national strike. There would be rioting in the streets. There would be a crippling of the economy that makes the current situation look positively rosy.

But no, things go on as before; victims slowly picked off, one by one, by those oppressive and hateful religious nuts. Make no mistake about this; next will come the Hispanics, the Moslems, the Jews, the blacks. Nazi USA is on its way.