Monday, September 13, 2010

Brody's Notes... Oklahoma Republican PAC Tells Supporters: Democrat's Candidate Is A "Confused It"

Brittany Novotny   Photo By James Miko
By Brody Levesque (Washington DC) SEPT 13 | In an e-mail sent out last Tuesday, Charlie Meadows, Chairman of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee wrote supporters of State Representative Sally Kern, (R-84th Dist.) telling them that Kern's opponent, Oklahoma City attorney Brittany Novotny, is a 'confused it' and ' rejects God' because she is transgendered. 
Meadows writes:
Brittany used to be a “he”, had a sex change operation to make him into a “her” but turned out to become a confused “it”. Some have suggested that having a sex change operation is a person’s greatest act of rebellion and hatred toward God for His making them what they were.
It is truly sad to see people reject God’s love for them by being willing to mutilate themselves. If they would submit their life to God, they could find the true the joy in life that will forever elude them while on their path of rebellion. The hatred and rage toward Sally continues unabated in the homosexual community because Sally dared to declare their political agenda for what it truly is, more dangerous to the future of America than the threat of terrorism.
When asked to respond, Novotny said via her campaign manager in a press release:
“If Rep. Kern and her allies spent as much time focusing on Oklahoma’s future as they seem to spend worrying about my past, maybe we could keep teachers in the classroom and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure,” Novotny said. “This type of personal attack is what Oklahomans are tired of, and it shows why Kern and her political allies continue to be out of touch with mainstream Oklahoma values.” 
Novotny also indicated that Meadows statements claiming she has “hatred toward God” are ridiculous. Novotny attends services at United Church of Christ.


Desmond Rutherford said...

Sally Kern makes me feel like I need to anally vomit.

Trab said...

Isn't that just typical of the religious nut jobs? Claim that fixing a physical problem is an attack on God. I doubt they use that argument when they go to the doctor for pills or surgery. I wish they'd all go meet their maker ASAP.