Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brody's Journal... Dan Savage Aims To Save LGBT Kids

From The Advocate's Editors:

Writer Dan Savage is reaching out to LGBT teenagers to let them know life may be difficult now, but "it gets better."
The "It Gets Better" Project is inspired by the suicide of 15-year-old Indiana teenager Billy Lucas, who hanged himself last week in his family's barn after enduring bullying from his classmates. After writing a post on The Slog about Lucas's death last week, one commenter expressed a desire to have spoken to him to tell him that things get better.
Savage, in his September 21 Savage Love podcast, said he felt the same way and decided to address the problem. The project is a YouTube channel where LGBT adults can upload videos targeted at gay teens to let then know their future can still be bright.>The first video, posted Tuesday morning, features Savage and his husband talking about growing up as gay teenagers.

Link to the 'It Gets Better Project'  [ Here ]


Trab said...

What a totally inspiring video! It makes a lot of the anger and disappointment of the Senate vote go away.

I don't know if thinking happy thoughts is always the best to move forward in general, but for your own emotional well-being that's certainly the case.