Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brody's Journal... Aussie Olympic Diver Is A Role Model For Youth

By Desmond Rutherford (Adelaide, Australia) SEPT 24 | Olympic gold medalist and champion diver Matthew Mitcham has teamed up with Australian supermarket chain Coles, appearing on the Coles sponsored Master Chef series as part of an advertising campaign promoting good food and healthy eating.
From the Coles ad campaign: 
 We follow Matthew Mitcham, the Australian diver, on the road to the Delhi Commonwealth Games. We get to know Matthew through the eyes of his support network, learning what it takes to become the great athlete he is... And Curtis Stone will uncover the secret recipes of success -- the meal that Matthew has grown up with to help him compete for Australia.


Warren C. E. Austin said...

Nice to see (and hear) something positive about these forcoming games; lately, at least here in Canada, all we've been exposed to are doom and gloom stories about inadequate and/or unfinished facilities and whatnot; this in addition to increasingly alarming security reports.

Warren C. E. Austin
The Gay Deceiver
Toronto, Canada

Desmond Rutherford said...

Yes Warren, I sure hope that Mathew's facilities are secure.

Even more than a great athlete, I regard him as one really genuine and great guy.

Trab said...

Nice video clip. About the only downside of the cooking is that they used non-stick cookware, which is increasingly more suspect for toxic fumes at moderate to high temperatures.

Desmond Rutherford said...

Oh no! Trab, do you mean I have to replace all my saucepans, again?

Trab said...

Not if it is for boiling water, just frying.