Saturday, August 7, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... MTV Reality Star Is An Arrogant Brat & An Arse

Ryan Leslie Photo Courtesy of the MTV Networks.
By Brody Levesque (Bethesda, Maryland) AUG 7 | I don't often pay attention to the antics of the quasi-celebs that inhabit popular culture as quite frankly, I find them boring and in most cases boorish. For example, reality stars are without a doubt and almost all a questionable lot when it comes to personal integrity, as evidenced by the most glaring example of publicity seeking 'reality stars,' last year's White House State Dinner crashing couple, Tareq and Michaele Salahi
I realise that there are those Americans that seem to be constantly vying for their Andy Warhol moment, cheered on by those in the public that can stomach that awful reality TV rubbish that passes for entertainment these days as cranked out by the cable & broadcast television industry. However, there are limits and the subject of this Op-Ed definitely exceeds those limits. 
The Gay community, coupled with our fellow Lesbian, Bi, and Transgendered community members, is always under siege. The attacks from the ultra-right Christibans, the Save the Marriage types like NOM or the attacks led by the so-called "family values" organisations such as the Family Research Council, are often loud, shrill, and oft times cause deep offence. Now there is a young twit from the MTV Networks show, The Real World who has achieved notoriety for his homophobic behaviour.  
MTV is currently broadcasting the previously taped production from the City of New Orleans, 'Real World-New Orleans,' in which one of the so-called 'cast' members read: Reality Stars,  Ryan Leslie, a twenty-one year old hair stylist, attacks other cast members, launches homophobic tirades, and urinates on another cast membership's toothbrush leading to intercession by the New Orleans Police Department.
It is ugly enough to watch Leslie belittle himself and others with the crude remarks and thoughtless commentary, but what steps over the line entirely has been a recent set of  his Twitter account tweets that received the attention of GLAAD and resulted in this brat issuing a what is now quite apparently an insincere apology.
I am stating that I see Leslie's apology as insincere based on yet another horrific tweet from this brat Wednesday night. Leslie tweeted, “Hey haters- What is the first sign that you're getting A.I.D.S... A hard pounding sensation in your ass.”
Now what really arses me is that the more Leslie sounds off with his utterly useless and vitriolic hate filled tweets, the more the LGBT bloggers and media give him an audience by republishing and writing articles about his rubbish. [Such as the Advocate yesterday for example.]
This child needs to be ignored and shut out, not given free reign to take up valuable space for issues that truly matter. I'd rather blog about say California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger asking that the Judge in the Prop 8 trial lift the ban on same-sex marriage, which he has done by the way, than waste time on this rubbish. 
The truth is, I have found that the most homophobic arses out there making the loudest noises about Gay people, actually are the Gayest folk around and so deep in the closet that even the mothballs have mothballs.
Oh, and look carefully at that picture of Leslie provided courtesy of the MTV Networks. I swear,  it is no different that the several million images of twinks and so called teen-boys that inhabit the Gay porn world online. Hmm, now there's truly something to think about eh?


Trab said...

"This child needs to be ignored and shut out, not given free reign to take up valuable space for issues that truly matter."

Oops. I guess you kinda missed on that count.

He does look like a twink though. Sadly, he didn't have the tattoo put on the right way around for him to be able to read it.

Trab said...

Sorry to quibble, but isn't the term "free rein" as in letting the horse go where it will? I know that's relatively unimportant, but it bugs me enough to say something about it.