Saturday, August 14, 2010

Brody's Scribbles... The Fringe Element- Vocal, Hateful, Ignorant, & Scary

By Brody Levesque (Bethesda, Maryland) AUG 14 | I have been looking at my keyboard all day now, over 14 hours, trying to figure out exactly how to phrase my feelings regarding the absolutely deplorable comments I have seen left on the mainstream media & YouTube websites today. I will confess that I am so disgusted and shocked at the level of incivility and devastatingly biased remarks expressed by American citizens over a short, eloquent, and constitutionally precise speech given by President Barack Obama yesterday evening at a dinner for Muslim guests at the White House.
Here are the President's remarks as reported by the Associated Press:
Now, here's a sampling of reactions to the President's remarks by American citizens:
Building a Mosque on ground zero will just incite true patriots to rise up and march on Wash DC and throw fascist Prez Osama back into the streets where he belongs........he is just a puppet bitch for the same Handlers Bush was dancing too...........fuck the NWO and Fuck building a Mosque on the site of 911......this is our last stand and the beginning of WAR ! 
I can not believe has a christian country we are not standing up for this blatant slap in the face by muslims. I am just in shock, how could they even conjur up the idea of building a muslim mosque near ground zero. I am really. I am just dumb founded by muslims right now. Please don't disrespect this christian country or the thousands of people who died on 911. Take your mosque ELSEWHERE.
This country was built on christian foundations. This is and always will be a christian country. Muslims are welcome here, but please dont slap america across the face by insisting you need to build a mosque near ground zero. have some damn respect for the country that has welcomed your muslim beliefs. Muslims are taking this too far, I'm just so angry, my blood pressure is going up. How can muslims be so insensitive. My goodness
Imagine the adveritzements for Muslim tourist in a few years. "Come oh brothers! Come worship Allah on the lands our brave Mujahedeen struck at on 9/11." Thousands of Muslims from around the world bowing to Mecca while looking down on Ground Zero. It's coming folks. Brought to you by Barack Hussein himself. Thank you dear commander in chief.
THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, why do muslims insist on disrespecting this christian country. Please have some respect, it was under the agenda of the muslim religion that thousand of people died on 911. have some respect, don't build your mosque so close to ground zero. its a slap in the face to those who lost their life, and their families.
I'm so disgusted, muslims are taking this too far. You want the right to wear a towelon your head, now you want to insult us even further. OMG repulsive
Obama is so keen to enforce laws why isnt he enforcing imigration laws?If Obama cares about our rights why has he instilled that patriot law where the goverment could wire tap our phone lines.Obama american public agrees with freedom of relgion it is the blatant disrespect and the memorial site of 9/11.Obam is a traitor and Muslims know this is slap inface he's a nigger nuff said!
Muslims stick together and Obama is NO exception, let the terrorists build their shrine and lets wait until its full, hope that someone flys a plane into it and kills 3,000 terrorists then they can put a memorial stone on their ground zero we must maintain our oposition and hatred towards these people, and send as many back to the desert where they belong, dont feed them hire them or do business with them, remember that the next time you buy something from them
I didn't correct spelling or grammar in any of these comments either and all were taken from a variety of web pages on various news sites & YouTube. Now, these came from the so-called mainstream and NOT the blogosphere or independent political sites of any kind that also ran the video. I looked and reactions were mostly the same or a variation on the above themes and in most cases ranging from being much more obscene to really out there.
What the hell is wrong with Americans? This is not just a fringe element making these types of hate filled comments anymore as I am seeing more & more of this type of expression by so-called everyday Americans even towards each other on issues such as immigration or especially LGBT Equality rights.
If this were examples of say a malcontents or odd-balls out to troll, I wouldn't be all that concerned. Unfortunately, this is not the case as there is a rising number of Americans who express these sentiments and quite loudly.  the Tea Party types, the Rush Limbaugh Glenn Beck, and Tony Perkins & peers as well as their followers. 
Then there are the political types such as Senate candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada or U. S. Congresswoman Bachmann and that list grows as one considers that this is an election year. 
Americans it seems, have lost the bloody plot and that is troublesome and scary.


Desmond Rutherford said...

Looking from the outside, it is difficult to see why there are so many Americans who do not understand (or apparently, actually read) the US constitution.

Equally disturbing is the inability to abide the provisions for secularism, the equivalence, and the recognition of the very freedoms themselves that make the US constitution so unique and so important to the the progress of the human race away from the unenlightened superstitious periods of the past.

At the moment it almost seems like there is a desire to rewrite the constitution to to diminish the rights of minorities, to establish a religious theocracy, where none was intended, and to answer every disagreement with a second amendment shoot out, or an asinine desire to deprive others of their inalienable rights.

If these desires are enacted by the majority of the people, then indeed the protections afforded by the constitution to minorities are in grave danger, and America is on the verge of losing, not gaining, the potential greatness of its founding objectives.

It is difficult to prognosticate an outcome from the current ignorance, without sounding like a religious wingnut, but Brody's apprehensions are in my opinion well founded and indeed scary.

Trab said...

And on another note, with some similarities, I have been appalled and disgusted all day by the comments about Canada donating $33M to Pakistan for flood rescue relief. Comments like, "Let the terrorist drown" are rather typical and seem to be about 95% of the response rate. I am shocked, horrified, and disappointed. Hell, we used up 4 times that amount in the trial of a single mass murderer, in fact, 2 times that amount in just uncovering evidence. What the hell is wrong with people these days?