Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brody's Notes... Stonewall Democrats’ Statement On Former RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

By Linsey Pecikonis (Washington DC) AUG 26 | National Stonewall Democrats Executive Director, Michael Mitchell released this statement on the news of Ken Mehlman’s coming out earlier today:
“The coming out process is a very personal and sacred one, regardless of one’s party, class or position of power and we’re glad that Mehlman has taken the opportunity to live his life openly and authentically. It is a stark illustration, however, of how damaging the closet can be when one puts ideology over personal integrity. Mehlman presided over the Republican Party at a time when the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans were used to ill ends – marriage amendments in dozens of states, vitriolic attacks on our families, our soldiers, our very lives – all for political expediency, votes at the ballot box, and power. Imagine what a different America it would be if Mehlman had drawn a line in the sand and said, 'No. The lives of fellow Americans – an American like me – should not be used in this bigoted way.'
Ultimately, Mehlman’s story is a cautionary tale of the damage that can be visited on literally millions of people at the intersection of power and the closet. We recognize that this might have been a difficult decision for Mehlman. It’s ironic that he had to make this decision in an environment that is even more difficult and painful because of the policies and politics overseen and sanctioned by him.
The next chapter of Mehlman’s life could be about the good that someone can accomplish when authenticity and integrity wins out.  We look forward to working with Mr. Mehlman now on issues that many of us have been working on for decades."