Monday, December 2, 2013

Former X Factor Contestant terrorised by anti-gay Russian extremist group

Alexander Bohun
By Brody Levesque | SEVASTOPOL, Ukraine -- A former contestant of the Ukrainian franchise of the British reality singing talent show, the X Factor, was attacked and physically abused by Russian anti-gay extremist thugs last week according to prosecutors and the victim's attorney.
Twenty four year Alexander Bohun had responded to a personal dating advert on Russian social media giant, and instead of meeting the person whose ad he responded to, he was met by a group of ultra-nationalist extremist thugs including the founder of a virulent anti-gay Russian group, "Occupy Paedophilia," Maxim Sergeyevich Martsinkevich- also known by his street nickname of “Tesak” — which translates as “The Cleaver.”
In a statement released by prosecutors in his hometown of Sevastopol, Bohun told police officials that Martsenkevich had repeatedly beaten him and intimidated him with threats of violence forcing him to make a series of false statements in a video recording that was later uploaded to the internet.
“I was referred to as “paedophile," mocked, and forced to admit actions and desires that I have not committed in any circumstances, and I had to admit all that publicly," he said in the police report according to a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office.
Bohun's attorney, Elena Kherson, made it clear that she felt that Martsenkevich had broken Ukrainian federal law by accusing her client of a crime without any investigation or trial.
“There is no evidence of the involvement of Alexander Bohun, in the crimes of which Martsenkevich accused him, and most importantly, he is the true victim here, " she stated.
Kherson is also demanding that the video uploaded by 'Occupy Paedophilia' be removed from the internet. That video shows her client being forced to admit to attempting to make contact with a male minor, being forcibly shaved in a reverse Mohawk by Martsenkevich who then paints her client's head like a Pride flag and then makes him drink a cup of urine after which he pours more urine on Bohun's head.
Martsenkevich is also shown on the video with a visibly uncomfortable Bohun, forcing him to make statements about being a paedophile and gay while holding a sex toy emulating using it as a faux microphone. Bohun's naked upper body is displayed with two Jewish symbols and a derogatory slogan written in magic marker on his chest.
Martsenkevich tells his victim:
Alexander Bohun, (Left) Maxim Marcinkiewicz, (Right)
“Basically I would not kill you because you’re gay. I would send you to a concentration camp, to organize parades for gays there, dress you as a woman, and make you sing songs. I'd take good care of you.”
Marcinkiewicz alleges (on the video) that Bohun's intended purpose was to meet and have sex with a "14 year old" boy. He asks Bohun,
"You're a Christian person? What do you remember the Bible says about it? It is a mortal sin! And how are you gay and Christian? We are against the fact that you slept with the boys."
A spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Sevastopol, Yuvlena Frolyak, confirmed Saturday that the ministry has opened a criminal investigation into Martsenkevich's activities based on the criminal complaint filed by Bohun at the Leninsky District Police headquarters in Sevastopol this past week.
Russian authorities had previously initiated criminal proceedings earlier this month against Martsinkevich for several homophobic assaults on LGBT persons inside the Russian federation by his group, which included attacks on citizens from Ukraine, Iraq, and South Africa.
Martsinkevich has been charged under Part 1 of article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code, Incitement of ethnic and social hatred. The charge is punishable by a sentence of 3–5 years imprisonment.
Martsinkevich's group, has produced numerous videos on the Russian social media giant as well as YouTube, documenting the violent and homophobic harassment of men the group claims were seeking to have sex with minor boys. The graphic videos often go viral and have also been used to humiliate gay teenagers who responded to false dating invitations from what they thought were other gay youth in chat rooms.